Missy Robinson
Missy Robinson
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Missy Robinson


Seattle, Washington


Seattle, Washington

Missy Robinson is Carly's now-estranged former best friend Missy adores Carly but loathes Kayla and Sam and plots several ways to get Kayla and Sam out of Carly's life to remain Carly's only best friend Based on her behavior she shares similar actions to Valerie Freddie's girlfriend on the episode iWill Date Freddie Missy never made another appearance in the series after winning a six month cruise.

She is portrayed by Haley Ramm the real-life best friend of Miranda Cosgrove.


Missy met Carly when their families were stationed at the same naval base at Seal Beach they eventually grew apart when Missy left Seattle.

Carly and Missy

Carly introducing Missy to Kayla and Sam

When Missy returned to Seattle on the episode iReunite With Missy she caused a rift to develop within Carly Kayla and Sam's friendship Kayla and Sam notices that Missy intentionally.
Missy seasick

Missy Seasick

Freddie won a contest for the six month School at Sea program but gave the trip away to Missy so she would stop interfering with Sam, Kayla and Carly's relationship.