Spaghetti Tacos
Spaghetti Tacos
General information
Type Food
City Seattle, Washington

Spaghetti Tacos are a creation by Spencer Shay which he invented one night when he couldn't decide whether to make spaghetti or tacos the meal is a favorite of Carly and her friends on the episode iPie Spencer made them for Trudy when she came over to his house for dinner on the episode iCook Carly, Kayla, Sam and Freddie to a spaghetti taco Food Fight with Ricky Flame.

Schneider initially created spaghetti tacos as a joke for the iWill Date Freddie episode broadcast on November 10, 2007 However over the years they have become a household treat imitated and experimented on in various ways by thousands of kids and parents nationwide.

Dan Schneider was shocked to see his creation become a fast growing reality and then mentioned on the cover of the Food and Wine section in the New York Times.

Recent uses of ther spaghetti taco includes a mexican version and a desert version.

Dan Schneider himself never had a a real spaghetti taco save for the recipe his wife made until April 2011.